Cinematic Experience

erleben Sie echtes Heimkino mit Bang & Olufsen BeoViSion Fernsehgeräten und BeoLab Lautsprechern

Rooms become worlds of experience.

Bang & Olufsen explores the boundaries of the experience of sound and image in a constant pursuit of perfection. The products are created so that you are not only touched by songs, dialogues, episodes and films, but truly gripped. That's what Bang & Olufsen stands for.

Listening is believing. Because sound, when reproduced just right, has the incredible ability to transport you from your living room to a packed stadium, to the bottom of the ocean, or to a galaxy far, far away.

Bang & Olufsen cinematic Experince -  Gänsehaut

Cinema experience within your four walls.

Your home theater experience begins with authentic, powerful sound that puts you right in the stands with thousands of cheering fans or behind the wheel of a breakneck car chase. When you hear it right, you'll feel it too. At Bang & Olufsen, they believe that a TV picture isn't really good until you forget it's one.

Bang & Olufsen is different from most other brands because they design their products to work together as a fully integrated system. Like the Digital Sound Processor in a BeoVision TV, which knows the exact capabilities of all the other products in the room. This allows your TV to automatically optimize sound distribution - not only according to your configuration, but also for your room, listening positions and content. Audio system, TV, and home theater system all in one to give you the best possible experience.

  • Sound

    Based on now almost a century of experience in sound innovation, Bang & Olufsen is able to offer a range of speakers and TVs that communicate harmoniously with each other. Together, they form a stunning system with the unique ability to adapt to your lifestyle. Perhaps you want to watch the news from the dining area. For this, your TV screen automatically turns to face you and activates the two closest speakers. Or for music playback, simply select your playlist and enjoy the sound played back by your most powerful speakers. The possibilities are virtually endless.

  • Customization

    You should never have to decorate your home according to your speakers just because they should be in a certain place to perform well. You can customize the look of Bang & Olufsen speakers and TVs by choosing your own preferred materials and color palettes. Do you prefer exclusive fabrics or timeless aluminum? Warm bronze tones or elegant silver colors? Or the Walnut or Smoked Oak variety? The unique possibility of being able to connect your space and your products through individual design makes Bang & Olufsen all the more attractive.

  • Design & Craftsmanship

    Quality is the bond that holds design and technology together. Without craftsmanship, the work of designers, engineers, acousticians and developers would be worth nothing. And the works of internationally acclaimed artists and producers could never reach your home. It should take only a brief encounter to realize the level of craftsmanship and care that goes into every Bang & Olufsen product. Their appearance is often more reminiscent of classic furniture than cutting-edge technology. The materials are authentic, pleasant to the touch and exclusive, and therefore in many cases give you the opportunity to choose your personal combinations.

akustische Linse des BeoLab 18

BeoLab speakers

Your home theater experience intensifies with each additional set of speakers - the implementation is simple. Beolab active speakers connect wired or wireless directly to your Beovision TV without the need for a standalone receiver or amplifier.

Thanks to smart technologies like Active Room Compensation, Beam Width Control and Acoustic Lens Technology, it's not a problem at all if your sofa or speakers aren't placed in the perfect spot - you're still guaranteed a premium surround sound performance.

If you want to create a true cinema experience, you need both front and rear speakers. Only then will you hear the audience cheering behind you or literally feel the car speeding by. It's that spectacular feeling of "being there" - right in your living room.

TV speakers
Soundcenter öffnet sich beim BeoVision Harmony

BeoVision Sound

A Beovision TV is designed for outstanding acoustic performance. Its powerful 3-channel speakers deliver outstanding stereo performance and crystal clear voice reproduction all by themselves.

In a surround setup, the built-in bass management feature ensures that the demanding low frequencies are always sent to the most powerful speakers. And thanks to our True Image technology, audio is automatically expanded (upmix) or mixed together (downmix) according to the number of speakers in use at any given time.

By adding a front speaker set, your Beovision TV acts as a center speaker, extending the soundstage far beyond the screen for an even more immersive experience.

TV sets