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Bang & Olufsen

Beoconnect Core

Beoconnect Core

With Beoconnect Core everything comes together. Bring your personal B&O collection to new life with easy integration and wireless streaming. Simply connect your TV to your B&O speakers. And also their showpiece, the Beogram record player. Experience the sound and picture quality you love with more fidelity than ever before.

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One device unites entire generations of speakers.

Times. Epochs. Rooms. They all come together with Beoconnect Core. Give your inherited B&O collection new life with effortless integration and wireless streaming. Connect your television to the music network. Your beloved Beogram turntable? That too! Discover the sound you love with more clarity than ever - now ready for the future.

Beoconnect Core is a streaming box that transforms older Bang & Olufsen speakers into a wireless speaker system. With Beoconnect Core, you can seamlessly stream music from your favorite app to 30+ year-old Bang & Olufsen speakers, connect your Bang & Olufsen record player or music system to Bang & Olufsen speakers, and expand your TV with Bang & Olufsen speakers provided it supports HDMI-eARC.

  • TV connectivity

  • Beolab Speakers

  • Beosound Shape Integration

  • Beolab 50/90 USB audio

Beoconnect Core offers multiple connectivity options, such as Powerlink and USB, optimized for Beolab 50 and Beolab 90 speakers, as well as line-in for turntables and other sources. Additionally, Beoconnect Core allows Bang & Olufsen speakers to be connected to third-party displays with HDMI eARC for immersive cinematic moments enhanced by Bang & Olufsen audio fidelity.

  • Beolink Multiroom

  • Power link (RJ45)

  • Streaming services


  • Bluetooth 5.3

  • Line in

Shape follows antenna.

The size and shape of the Beoconnect Core is defined by the antenna and thermal requirements. With a gently curved, bead-blasted aluminum housing to absorb heat and a non-conductive cover to ensure full antenna transparency of the 7 antennas, the Beoconnect Core's slim and compact design fits into any space. Additionally, the Beoconnect Core can be installed in the Beosound Shape using a mount that can be easily docked to a Beosound Shape tile.