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BeoPlay H95

BeoPlay H95

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Experience an unrivaled wireless headphone experience with the Beoplay H95 from Bang & Olufsen, offering premium sound quality, effective noise cancellation and ultimate comfort. Made from high quality materials for a unique listening experience at a reduced price.

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  • Experience top sound quality, outstanding noise cancellation and ultimate comfort with the Beoplay H95 wireless headphones from Bang & Olufsen. Be impressed by the user experience highlighted by premium materials and elegant design. These devices come from customer returns within the 30-day cancellation period. They have been meticulously inspected and are fully functional. Both visually and technically, they are in no way inferior to new devices, only the packaging has already been opened/unsealed. Take advantage of the opportunity and secure tested quality for home or on the go at a lower price!
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BeoPlay H95 in Grey Mist getragen von einem Mann am Strand

Noise cancellation activated

The Beoplay H95 is the perfect headphone for all travel lovers. With its adaptive active noise cancellation, it allows you to enjoy peace and quiet regardless of your surroundings. Bang & Olufsen's sound experts, among the industry's leading, have ensured premium sound quality by equipping the Beoplay H95 with titanium drivers and effortless Bluetooth wireless connectivity. The soft lambskin ear cushions and memory foam of the Beoplay H95 ensure continuous comfort during your travels. Elegant and user-friendly controls allow you to quickly switch between the noise canceling and transparency functions as well as other features. With four built-in microphones for crystal-clear call quality and supported voice assistant technology, the Beoplay H95 impresses in all aspects.

  • BeoPlay H95 in gold Tone - Detail Bedienfelder

    Best-in-class Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation

    The innovative digital Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation offers authentic and efficient sound isolation that independently adapts to the ambient noise. In addition, the easy and intuitive adjustment button on the left ear cup allows you to individually adjust the noise cancellation according to your personal preferences. In terms of design and choice of materials, the earpads have been designed to provide excellent passive noise cancellation. This guarantees an intense sound experience or allows you to find peace and relaxation on your travels.

  • BeoPlay H95 black

    Designed for lasting comfort

    The Beoplay H95 is designed with exceptional attention to detail for long-lasting comfort. Thanks to the exceptional oval over-ear design and soft lambskin ear cushions with memory foam, it offers an excellent fit, while the shape also enables optimal passive noise cancellation. The memory foam headband is specifically designed to ensure premium comfort even during extended use.

  • BeoPlay H95 in Grey Mist Frontalansicht

    Exceptional sound performance thanks to titanium drivers

    The Beoplay H95 delivers unparalleled sound in the range of wireless travel headphones. The titanium drivers specially developed for these headphones have been fine-tuned by our acousticians for the ultimate listening experience. Compared to competitors, the Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound stands out as the undisputed winner in its category. Four specialized voice microphones ensure outstanding conversation clarity, completing the perfect sound experience.

  • Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H95 - chestnut

    Maximum mobility thanks to the aluminum carrying case

    The Beoplay H95's design allows it to fold and fold flat, allowing for compact and lightweight transport by simply turning the brackets. So it fits perfectly into its aluminum carrying case. The specially made combination of charging cable, audio cable and an air travel adapter, made of aluminum and textile, is color coordinated with the headphones and is included in the carrying case. A small cleaning cloth is also included to help preserve the beauty of the headphones.

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BeoPlay H95 in scharz ohne Ohrpolster

Refined in Bang & Olufsen's virtual acoustics laboratory

The Beoplay H95 is based on a pair of custom-made, 40mm high-end titanium drivers equipped with neodymium magnets and built into slot-shaped housings. The sound quality is achieved through the use of filters in Bang & Olufsen's proprietary digital signal processor (DSP). In addition to its impressive passive noise cancellation, the headphones offer the most advanced Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) of any Bang & Olufsen headphones, which is both customizable and adaptive. The performance of the ANC is based exclusively on the digital processor. Feed-forward and feedback microphones are used to minimize background noise as much as possible. The fine-tuning and testing of the ANC signal processing was carried out both under real conditions and in Bang & Olufsen's virtual acoustics laboratory (VR Lab) in Struer. Here, engineers can simulate a variety of noise conditions, from airplanes and train stations to offices and road traffic noise.

BeoPlay H95 grey Mist getragen von einer Frau

Industry-leading battery performance and outstanding connectivity

Beoplay H95 features industry-leading battery performance, providing up to 38 hours of playback per charge, even with Active Noise Canceling (ANC) enabled. Four voice microphones ensure excellent sound quality during phone calls. Beoplay H95 uses beamforming and advanced noise cancellation technology to capture voice as clearly as possible while reducing noise. This includes extensive background noise processing, ensuring a more natural listening experience. In addition, the Beoplay H95 allows you to perceive your surroundings without having to remove the headphones via a user-adjustable transparency mode.

BeoPLay H95 Lässt sich flach zusammenklappen und in einem kompakten Aluminium-Etui transportieren

Folds compactly and can be transported in an elegant aluminum case

To enjoy the listening experience of Beoplay H95 anywhere, whether at home, in the home office, at work or on the go, it is easy and stylish to transport. The characteristic aluminum mono arms - a striking design element from Bang & Olufsen - are equipped with exquisite surfaces and additional rotating joints. This allows the headphones to be folded into a very compact format that fits perfectly into the compact aluminum carrying case. The interior of the case is lined with matching fabric and protects the headphones from damage when traveling. The case celebrates the Bang & Olufsen tradition: carefully crafted from fine materials, designed to last and designed to stand out rather than be hidden, rounding off the overall look of the Beoplay H95.

The true craftsmanship is revealed in the details. Even the accessories - aircraft adapters, charging and audio cables - are refined: with matching aluminum housings and fabric-coated cables that have a leather strap, making cable tangles a thing of the past.