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Bang & Olufsen

BeoVision Harmony

BeoVision Harmony

Choose here the size of the panel, the variant of the cover as well as stand variant and color of the remote control. We automatically select the color of the stand variant to match the cover of the Sound Center. For example, if you have chosen the Sound Center cover in oak and natural aluminum, we will also choose the stand in silver. The wall mount, on the other hand, is always black. The price shown is for one BeoVision Harmony in your chosen configuration.

EEK: F  to   EEK: G   depending on the screen size

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BeoVision Harmony mit Stoffabdeckung und geschlossenem Soundcenter auf Bodenstandfuß


The underlying concept of the Beovision Harmony is based on the cleverly crafted TV cabinet of yesteryear, which functioned as a piece of furniture but could transform into an entertainment center when needed. Given the modern trend toward ever-larger TV screens, the concept of the cabinet has taken on a new, exciting relevance, allowing the Beovision Harmony , when not in use, to magically transform into much more than a lifeless black matte screen.

Like a butterfly opening its wings, two fronts of carefully crafted oak wood and aluminum unfold to reveal a delicate screen that magically rises to a comfortable viewing height. The new Beovision Harmony is a unique design piece that once again demonstrates Bang & Olufsen's uncompromising approach to design, craftsmanship and sound performance.

The Beovision Harmony was designed by Torsten Valeur, Valeur Designers.

BeoVision Harmony mit Cover aus Eichenholz auf Bodenstandfuß
BeoVision Harmony in Bronze Tone mit BeoLab 90
BeoVision Harmony mit Cover aus Stoff in Grey Mélange
BeoVision Harmony auf Bodenstandfuß mit geöffnetem Soundcenter

Unique Bang & Olufsen Sound meets first-class OLED image quality.

The unique cinema sound quality of Bang & Olufsen is achieved by a powerful 3 channel speaker system with excellent clear voice reproduction. The additional combination with Beolab speakers can further optimize the stereo or surround sound experience.

The handcrafted oak and aluminum fronts house consummate engineering, fine-tuned by hand and ear to reveal all the details of music and sound. The intricate grading pattern has been meticulously engineered to maximize the acoustic performance of the three-channel, fully active DSP-based sound center. Paired with a top-of-the-line LG 77-inch OLED screen - with brighter, self-luminous pixels and stunning colors - the Beovision Harmony conveys home decor and luxurious entertainment, bringing new life to movies, sporting events and shows worth watching.

BeoVision Harmony - an Wandhalterung

Fascinating design meets magical choreography.

With the new Beovision Harmony concept for large screens, Bang & Olufsen has reduced the visual presence of the TV. When switched off, or when playing music only, the flat screen rests close to the floor and is largely hidden by the two accurately crafted fronts in oak and aluminum, where the powerful sound center elegantly hides all its power. When the Beovision Harmony comes to life, these elements open up - much like a butterfly spreading its wings - and the screen is raised to the perfect viewing height. When the TV is turned off, the choreography takes place in reverse.

Detailansicht des Soundcenter vom BeoVision Harmony

Combination of wood / textile fabric and aluminum with great attention to detail.

The speaker covers complement the dark TV screen with their discreet materials reminiscent of furniture to create a warm appearance with elegant details. Thanks to the use of wood or textile fabric in combination with aluminum, the BeoVision Harmony and BeoLab speakers are perfectly matched.

Each device connected to the BeoVision Harmony can be effortlessly operated with the BeoRemote One, and a touch of a button is all it takes to access the Bang & Olufsen experience. Combined with LG's webOS SmartTV feature, this allows you to conveniently use your entire A/V setup on a daily basis. Create a snapshot with the MyButton, and get direct access to your favorite TV channel or content app.

BeoVision Harmony is part of the BeSpoke Program. The Bang & Olufsen Bespoke Program allows you to customize your listening experience with every color, material, finish and detail. Customize your Beovision Harmony to your liking by personalizing the cover with any combination of fabric and aluminum or wood and aluminum, as well as any color and finish of the aluminum floor stand.

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